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Shortest productive tren cycle?

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  • Shortest productive tren cycle?

    Say you've been on a cycle of test E and EQ for 12 weeks and you had planned for it it be over but you just wanna keep going and have a bunch of test left and came across some tren.

    How long, minimum, would you say for that person to run that tren. 6 weeks? Again, looking for absolute minimum.

    Again, asking for someone else. Hell if it were me, I'd go another 12, minimum.
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    I wouldn't bother running tren if I couldn't run it at least 6 weeks.

    So yes, for me the min. would be 6 weeks.
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      I would say 6 weeks as well.
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        I agree. I never see results until after 2 week on tren, I would want at least 4 weeks of gains. I fact I always run tren for 6 more


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          At least 4 I would go 6 or more.
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            I often run tren, prop and winny as the last 3 weeks of a cycle with great results.

            As an acetate ester it is quick acting and you shouyld exepereince the effects very quickly (in my experience anyway).

            That is not to say that a longer usage pattern wouldnt be very effective too.

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