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  • Question on Rheumatoid....

    I have a buddy from back home in Michigan that contacted me a couple days ago to ask about gear vs. rheumatoid. He wondered if there was anything specific that might help his situation or at least whether gear itself would make the situation worse.

    I couldn't answer the question with confidence so I thought I would bring it here for anyone to chime in. I was thinking of SuperSport, IM and Randy and figured you guys might be able to help out.



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      I believe a recent study used cod liver oil as an antinflammatory and it worked better than drugs. Also, alfalfa tabs will cleanse the blood and stop progression.


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        Skip...check out the thread "Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation" in the health forum.

        UBI will definately help. The MD that I visit that employs UBI has had tremendous success with rhumatism.

        Rhumatism is a malfuction of the immune system...and it appears in every case of immune malfunction UBI comes through big time.

        Your friend's doc will probably try to prescribe meds like Vioxx-I wouldn't touch that garbage.

        Acupuncture will probably help too.

        If your friend is interested in UBI just send me a PM...I can get a phone number to you that will help him locate an MD that uses it.

        I forgot to add this-to actually answer the question if using gear would be a problem. I really don't know if it would be or not. There are steriods prescribed for rhumatism, but I highly doubt they are the androgenic ones. Probably cortizone and related drugs.

        UBI will get to the root of the problem.
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