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Checking In from Greece

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  • Checking In from Greece

    This is one awsome country. If you guys get a chance you should definetly get over here. Very easy to get tons of protien although you will also get a ton of fat. There is no such thing as a low fat menu over here. But you can get a mix grill for about 12bucks which has chicken breast veal, pork chop, hamburger, and gyro meat. with fries. I am gettting sloppy around the middle but that's ok it will come off in june. It doesn't look like anyone works out here tourist or otherwise, I have not seen one person with bigger arms or chest yet. The people are so freindly and the place is very safe. I walk home at 3 am with no problems. So do girls by themselves drunk from the clubs. The beach is probably 45% topless. The old and the young. Tons of clubs and freindly people. There is no concept of personal space though, if you are in line people are up your ass, and god forbid you are slow in making a move to the door cause they will push you out of the way. Oh and you cant flush your toilet paper. You wipe and through away. I am in crete till tomorrow, then athens for a couple of days. It is less safe there more pickpocekts But I carry little cash anyway. Great place all and all-can't wait to see the acropolis. Later-I eat now and diet when I get home LOL.

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    ahhh, sweet old Greece.. where exactly are you?


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      Sounds wonderful. Been to Europe once for a few weeks but didn't make it there. Def on my list of things to do.
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        Sounds pretty cool RT..But the toilet paper thing could get old! You must be taking out the trash quite often, eh
        Enjoy your trip!
        Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN