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  • Hitting the Target

    excerpt from

    Have you ever seen those soft, bloated wannabes who bench as heavy as they can possibly go, forcing themselves to bounce the bar up with every rep, arch their backs, round their shoulders forward, getting a spot (or two), then high fiving anyone within striking distance? This embarrassment passes for serious training in most gyms today.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not calling beginners idiots. God knows when I started, I had my moments. No, idiots are those guys who look like crap, eat like crap, and train like crap, even after many years of working the weights. They haven't learned a thing, and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. These guys have a dynamite mentality. What's in store for them is stalled development and injuries.

    In bodybuilding, when you train a bodypart, you need to focus as much stress as possible on the target muscle. So when you are training chest, your target muscle is what? That's right, your chest. Anything that takes stress away from that muscle group is not helping you reach your goals. So when Mr. Dynamite is bouncing the bar and heaving the weight up with his entire body, he may have 385 loaded up, but a lot less than that is actually working his pecs.

    Consider the experienced pro who's doing the same bench press. He may use only 315 pounds. But watch as he performs the exercise: his body is motionless, his shoulders are back, and his chest is up. There's no exaggerated arch, just a controlled, focused movement. While there is less weight in his hands, the pro's slow, deliberate technique puts most of the stress squarely on his chest. This is Mr. Laser. He's pinpointing the movement on to his target muscles. In short, he's training the pecs with more weight than Mr. Dynamite.

    So your decision is simple. Do you want to "look" like you're training big, or do you flat out want to be big?
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    It's very sad that when they're done they think us women are staring at them because they're cool. When in reality we're thinking "What a dumb ass!"

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      Re: Hitting the Target

      Originally posted by KidRok
      excerpt from

      So your decision is simple. Do you want to "look" like you're training big, or do you flat out want to be big?
      That was pretty good, especially this last part. It actually took me some time to "check the ego at the door" as being a former Marine and training on base, there were a great deal of egos. I finally took to heart that statement above (well, one similar) and decided that I didnt care who was watching and how much weight I was using..I needed to focus on form and growth, not to show the young DevilDog next to me I could out bench him. All of the sudden, I started to grow...coincidence?

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        Nice post KR.

        Maybe you should start a beginners forum where they'll feel less intimidated to post with topics such as this. Just a thought.

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          Great print it out and let's post it at the gym.


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            been reading alot of posts on this site.reading and rereading DC training. this is one of the best post that i have read yet.yes ego at the door.
            so my question to you is if you see someone using really bad form(to the point that they might hurt themselves) do you tell them and show proper form or do you let them learn the hard way?


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              Wish I could post it at the gym I work out at. Seems like 90% of the people are there just to be there. Been working out there for the last eight months, seen hundreds, and can count the serious one's on two hands. No rhyme, no reason, no INTENSITY...the word just doesn't exist in my gym...lot's of EGO tho' especially the one's strutting around but can barely see his shoes...I help if only to keep some newbie from killing himself on the bench... Notice I use "he," --never seen a lady do anything stupid like the guys do.


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                bump,, good post kr,, agent graves on your question,, its good to be the good guy and go up to someone and be like "hey try it this way , place your hand here not there focus on this " all they here is wah,wahwah,womp.. like my dad told me in one ear out the other,,, not saying all will but most would rather listen to what is done by the pros or read in magazines..
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                  Mobsta, i kinda feel the same way. i'm going to the gym now and i'll have to look the other way.When you try and help most give you the look like "who the f##k are you man i know what i'm doing i read Flex"and i agree the ladies are all about form.