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is any tea better than no tea.........

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  • is any tea better than no tea.........

    howdy yall i had a quick question concerning orange/ black pekoe tea due to me and some buds current location we are unable to consistently get green tea. the question is it worth drinking the orange/ black tea or better to hold what i got with milk and water, and stay away from the tea alltogether .........................just a quick question i wanted to through up there.

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    The black tea has may benefits as well. These include heart health and cancer protection. Studies show heart attacks and strokes reduced over 70% by drinking 5 or more cups a day of black tea. Black tea also destroys bacteria in the mouth which may explain this since these bacteria are often blamed for inflammatory changes in the heart and blood vessels. In addition a recent study showed that caffeine was liver protective..those drinking the most caffeine were less likely to develop liver problems in a group prone to liver disease.

    Black tea and all teas have polyphenols that are much more potent than fruits and vegetables and, thus, more beneficial to the body as a protection against disease.


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      good Question Abraaj as i have been wondering about that as well. possibly there will be some different types of tea, or better yet, Green Tea at teh local iraqi marketplace....but we'll see. great post Prot as that cleared up a lot of things. i was really hoping that you were going to say that black tea had the inflammatory and insulin sensitivity abilities, but hey....what you said was perfect anyways!

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        where is SuperSport? I'm sure he will have input on this subject.
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