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infection advice needed

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  • infection advice needed

    If you have a slightly red warm to the touch somewhat swollen spot where you may have injected somthing should you go to the Doctor.....even if it has gotten better since yesterday ?

    If it's not to serious is there anything OTC I should take ?
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    I'm not an expert in any field of study involving performance enhancement...therefore anything I suggest is not to be taken seriously. Do your research and don't jump into anything your not prepared for both mentally and physically !!!!

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    How does that qualify as an infection and differ from an inflammation? If it has gotten better since yesterday, don't you think that rules out infection?

    It's impossible for me to make telepathic diagnosis BUT if it is getting better, I would opt for it being a pretended inflammatory reaction to the imaginary shot you might have taken.

    I would ask everyone to stop playing home doctor guys; this is the stuff that gives the sport a bad name, but when the time comes that you really need a doctor and all you get is an ignoramus, well, where else is there to turn?