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  • Hey Sweaty

    Haven't heard much about the diet lately, how's it coming and how far out are you now?

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    4 weeks today. 235lbs. Im definetly coming in at a good pace now. daily changes to my body. Only real concern I have at present is my water retention.
    In the morning I really look good though.

    after last fridays carb load, I was training Sat. Morning. I was very pleasantly suprised at how thick I was with carb in me. For the first time during this diet I was like . "OH hell yea!" Energy level gets a little low around thursday/friday. The carb up is magic shit for me.

    A few friends that are trainers took a look at me today and said I was going to come in plenty big and they felt I would be in good condition. So they helped with my attitude alot. Im going to a local level 4 contest tommorrow to help a bro out back stage, I'll see a few of the guys I'll be going up against in 4 weeks...should be interesting. Im not sweating it too much the first show is a warm up for the Southern States Aug. 9, thats the big show for me.

    Thanks for asking Bro
    (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

    That which we manifest lies before us.