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    Ladie and gentleman
    Just wanted a little advice on how to end this current cycle with out crashing and burning, and still maintain size and keep the sex drive in high gear.
    Weeks 1-10 used 600 mg Test Enth, with 600 mg of EQ
    Weeks 10-15 using currnetly 600 mg of Test Enth. with 450 mgs of Tren
    Supplies on stock 5000 iu of HCG, 50 ml of Aromasin and three boxes of Clomid.

    Now what is the best way and best timing to putt his together to avoid as much of a crash as possible. Please send me your Ideas


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    I would start therapy 7 days after last enanthate shot and 3 days after last fina. Take 300mg clo on day 1, 100 mg for next 10 days, 50 mg for next 10 days. I assume aromasin is liquid arimidex? If so, run this throughout at 1/4-1/2 mg per day throughout clomid therapy and a week or two after. I would skip the HCG or use it during the cycle to keep balls in place if you still have time left


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      Question regarding the HCG
      Have three weeks left, should I start in now or what until the last week, What are thje advantages or either way, I was alway told to take it the 7 days before the clomid therapy, Anyone's thoughts?