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  • Multiple Gym Memberships

    I've been thinking about joining a second gym lately so I can mix things up by going to different gyms each week. Has anyone done this before and was it counterproductive?

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    I just switched do a different golds gym. The only thing different is the scenery and the machines and how their set up and all! It's not a bad thing, its like wanting a new car because your tired of the old one!

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      Re: Multiple Gym Memberships

      Originally posted by mark mcgwire
      I've been thinking about joining a second gym lately so I can mix things up by going to different gyms each week. Has anyone done this before and was it counterproductive?
      Marky Mark... I am doing that now. Actually, I have done it for about 14 years.
      One gym I am a member of-Gold's-there are a total of 3 Gold's in my town. I can work out at any of them with my membership-same guy owns all 3-one is open 24 hours (SWEET!!!).

      I am also a member of a gym in a town 45 miles away where I work 2 days a week.
      I use all 4 gyms regularly.

      I think it is really beneficial TBH. All 3 gyms have different equipment and machines...ya kinda hit musclegroups at slightly different angles.

      Biggest thing is I do not get real chummy with anyone since I am always at a different gym. My w/o's rarely get interupted.
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        That is great. In my area we only have one gym with a large variety of equipment. The others all have the same cybex equipment. It is funny. Three different gyms and all three have the same cybex smith, leg press, etc. You would think if you were going to start a gym you would put in different equipment to be different. Most are small with little variety. I keep telling myself that I need to open a hardcore gym here. We used to have a golds, but it definately wouldn't be confused with a golds gym in California or NC.



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          There are 2 Gold's gyms here. When I get bored over at on I go to the other one for a while. I've been thinking of getting a membership a this little gym up the street from me. They have real cheap memberships and it's close by. Might be good for a change.
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            I have to have at least three memberships going, not every gym has all the eqiupment that I want to use, plus the womens is always better at another gym...
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              At one point last year, I had a membership at one gym, a pass card to another, I was training at 2 gyms in town and also had my own studio at home.

              If you can afford it, it's a great way to mix it up.

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                The only down side i see to having memeberships at more then one gym is the fact that at all gyms weights all vary, You can weight a 75lb dumbell at golds and it wont be the samd as worlds for example. I did this actually by weighing 45lb plates at different gyms and yes it wasnt a HUGE difference but some were up to 5lbs off. And that can make a big difference when your keeping a log book and trying to beat lifts. But then again you guys are all monsters so 5lbs here and there wont hurt you guys lol


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                  Thanks for the responses!!!

                  Did you hear that KR.....looks like a second membership might be in order.


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                    I like changing gyms now and then to freshen things up.

                    I've been switching between 2 or 3 gyms lately.

                    The only problem I run into is, you get used to certain bars, equipment, machines, you have to improvise certain things...and sometimes different bars/plates feel heavier than others for some reason.

                    But I have 2 different gym memberships...but I only pay for 1.
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