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  • L-Leucine

    As we all know L-leucine is quite potent by itself compared to the other two ie Isoleucine and Valine. It helps you to preserve lean muscle mass keeps the body in the anticatabolic state by preventing muscle breakdown during the time of intense training. It also greatly increases the protein synthesis which helps on to add lean muscle mass provided that the individual is following a high protein diet and is training balls to walls in the gym. Lot of reputed companies have poured in to formulate their own L-Leucine products too.
    Wouldn't DC training athlete greatly benifit with supplementing L-leucine because of the intense training and high protein intake?? Vets please share your opinions.

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    your info. is correct but your avatar is creeping me out

    (quit staring at me )

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      The Book Has Arrived!
      The Book Has Arrived!

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        I started taking L-leucine with my pre and postworkout shake and i think it has made a difference. I usually take 3-4g with each.
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