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Good, Inexpensive Multivitamin?

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  • Good, Inexpensive Multivitamin?

    Whats a good and fairly cheap multivitamin? i hear the expensive ones from GNC are bullshit so i dont know which one to get.
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    animal paks
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      Originally posted by SweatMachine
      animal paks

      The zoo ones that look like lions, tigers & bears? Oh my!

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        this is a subject where you truly get what you pay for. All the vitamins at GNC, wal mart, drug stores-is garbage. These products contain so many fillers and binders you won't assimilate anything.
        Centrum sucks too-they just have a good marketing campaign.

        Go see a holistic MD, Naturopath, or acupuncturist-they usally have good stuff.

        Sea Silver appears to be pretty good-but there is better stuff.

        I use a supplement called -The Daily Complete-I get it from a holistic MD-it is pressed from young organic grasses.

        You could also go to a true herb shop and get something pretty decent too.
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