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  • BF-Muscular growth question is the million dollar question.

    At what %bf do you think muscular growth will begin to decline or stop?

    I am asking because it is time for me to start reducing BF for summer at the beach. Can't be a fat ass out there you know.

    I am 235 lbs now, 14-15% BF (estimate), using test Enanthate (1 gram wk), EQ(500mg/wk), and tren(350 mg/wk)...
    I don't want to get ripped...just some decent abs showing. I guess I need to be 8-10% bf. I would go lower if it won't consume muscle mass. I will be using clen also, would like to avoid Cardio if possible-kinda doing Randy's plan (not quite as strict, but close).
    So...what do you think the lowest %bf I can go to before I start losing muscle-or at least quit adding muscle?
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    just eat and grow, worry about the BF later... One task at a time
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      I don't believe that you have to lose muscle or that you can't gain muscle while below a certan BF%. What causes the muscle loss is to diet too hard, meaning calories too low too fast for too long. If you diet in slow progression it is possible to minimize any adverse affects.
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