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WTF, ok NOW im worried. ..

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  • WTF, ok NOW im worried. ..

    Um im not sure what could have caused this, and goin to the doc isnt an option right now since i dont got any coverage. . .

    I had to shit really bad today and held it for like 8hrs. When i finally went, i looked in the toiled and the water was completly bright red. I shit out a ton of blood. WTF could be going on?

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    its time to go to the doc regardless of health insurance or not. a visit to a local clinic will be no more than 50 bucks or so. passing blood is bad news. though, not to sound gross, but sometimes if i eat to many twizzlers, i mistake it as blood. i would say if it happens again, make the call and go see the doc.




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      Not to startle you but i would definitely get in and have that checked out.

      I am guessing that you'r on right now, pretty heavy on anything?
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        Bright red blood = lower GI bleed.
        Possible causes: Hemmorhoids, Crohn's disease, fistulas, fissures, pushing too hard while shitting, not enough fiber and maybe anal sex. I don't know you personally. See the doc shitting a toilet full of blood is no laughing matter.



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          Ummm im straight, that cancels that off the bat lol. Not to sound funny, but i do push pretty hard when shitting and my asshole kinda hurts right now. What would that be diagnosed as?

          Also, this happens every once in a while. Hasnt happened in lik e6 months. It lasts for like a week, the goes away for months to a year at a time. Only happened to me twice before, but always a very large gap in the times between it happening.

          Im not on ANYTHING, iv been off for almost 7 weeks now. I WAS on halo for 2 weeks (20mg), winny orals for 4(75mg), nolva, arimidex, aldactone, diazide, and proviron at the end of my cycle.
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            You need to see a doc. Bright red blood (BRB) from the rectum (hematochezia) may or may not be indicative of lower gastrointestinal bleeding. One may also have BRB per rectum from a massive upper gastrointestinal source.

            You may have something as benign as a bleeding hemorrhoid or something more ominous. The only way to be sure is to see the doc. You may need to get a colonoscopy and/or EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy). If you're currenly using aspirin or other NSAIDs like ibuprofen, etc, then i suggest stopping them until you are seen by a doc.

            Take these bleeding signs seriously. The fact that you've had severe bleeding in the past makes a doctor's visit imperative.


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              happend to me about 5 weeks out but the doctor told me I just blew a Hemmorhoid from training so hard and it hasnt happend anymore. its real easy to get a rip in your ass lining. But dont put it off see a doctor to be safe.

              But red blood is better than dark blood


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                Head to the Doc, Bro.

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                  Go to the doctor when you can, TP4U...a number of things could cause it but its best to find out as soon as you can.
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                    See a Dr. if you don't have the money I'll take up a collection.

                    Better safe than sorry.
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                      Had the same thing a few years ago..The Doc did the ol butt scope and found a small tear about 6 inches up..I guess its called a fischer? I increased my fiber and it helped a lot, but still get it on stop grunting so much..don't hold it in and take a psyillium husk product...
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                        yes, a FISSURE.


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                          I gotta look into my new job and see if i got benefits, then il go to the doc. Iv had this happen 2 other times in the last year and a half, so it only happens occasionally. Coincidentaly always after a squat workout, pumped made me remember that. Maybe i am straining too hard. Nothing has ever bothered me and i feel completly fine, just my asshole hurts whenever this happens, not a lot though.


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                            Just remember, one does not bleed simply from "straining too hard". A condition has to exist to allow bleeding from straining. Of the millions of people who strain everyday doing any number of tasks, how many bleed even occasionally? None who do not have a condition which allow bleeding to occur. My point is to see a doc as soon as you can. Bleeding from the rectum is not normal. You may not have a serious problem, but it's not normal nevertheless.

                            Take care.


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                              Aha, EPU, I sense a kindred spirit. Time will tell. Correct analysis, prognosis and potential diagnosis sir. I like the way you insist on the correct spelling too. Definitely right up my street. Good to have you here sir, it seems like you can be a valuable asset to our board. Good work.