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    As most of you guys know I lost a ton of weight-Well 50 lbs anyway. To get into contest shape-or at least as close as I got. Well I was very happy with my body after the show which was last saturday. Then all of a sudden the water hits me and I look as bad as I used to. My gut is back to full size again and I am up in the 210's from being 188 morning of the show. There is no way I put on 6-10 lbs of fat is there? I am eating pretty good now after being really bad this weekend. But I am pushing the protien up into the 500's ala DC. Could I be trying to bulk too soon after cutting should I hold the cals down for a bit and maintain? Help a former fatty keep his head.

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    Check my changes

    Log Book PIMP! It ain't a crime if it likes it!


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      Calm down......I know from watching KR that your body goes thru shock, changes, holding water, etc. after a show. Give yourself a week or 2 to recover.

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        First off, congrats on the trasformation. I know how hard you worked.

        I agree with KRL. See where you stand in a couple of weeks.
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