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Prohormone Article from MD (Part 3 of 4) M1T

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  • Prohormone Article from MD (Part 3 of 4) M1T

    #2: M1T

    At number two is Methyl-1-Test (M1T), which I have discussed briefly in previous columns in MD. M1T is a very potent anabolic and androgen. It is estimated that this stuff is around 44 times more potent than Primobolan when taken orally. This is a very serious compound and its use should only be undertaken by educated and serious athletes. I can honestly tell you that if sheer size and bulk is what you are after, I can't think of anything that will pack it on faster than M1T, other than insulin. That's right, M1T is probably quicker in building mass than any of the illegal anabolic steroids, GH and of course, any and all supplements sold today. In a nutshell, this is some potent shit!

    I am not embellishing one iota when I tell you peo-ple are gaining eight to 10 pounds in under 10 days using this stuff. Yes, up to a pound per day. I know, I know, it's crazy, it's unheard of before now, and it's total-ly true. Do not make the mistake of underestimating this stuff because it is currently legal. This packs one mother-fucking wallop, folks. You'd think such a compound would handily be my number one choice. And you'd be correct if M1T didn't have as many side effects as it does. As fantastic as M1T is for packing on the mass almost magically, and certainly, instantly, it has a num-ber of side effects you'll want to carefully consider before you opt to use it.

    First, because it is a "1-ene," it makes a lot of users feel pretty lethargic and mildly depressed. Second, for some unknown reason, it causes a dangerous and I would say, pathological, increase in blood pressure in over 75 percent (guesstimate) of its users. Because of this, epistaxis (spontaneous nosebleeds) is a real prob-lem. Prolonged use of M1T (more than three weeks) tends to cause significant gastrointestinal and flank pain. It is sold by a number of companies in five- and 10-mil-ligram capsules and tablets. My favorite brand for M1T is sold by Legal Gear ( for $79.95 and they are the people I'd probably buy it from. I know VPX makes an M1T liquid, but I prefer the tabs and since oral bioavailability is close to 100 percent with this type of thing, putting this compound in a liquid offers zero clini-cal advantage over a cap or tablet. In fact, putting it in a liquid limits its portability.

    Anyhow, dosing should not exceed 10 milligrams per day in my opinion, though there are some guys using 20 and 30 milligrams (and paying a very serious price in terms of side effects). My feelings regarding M1T are that it might be the perfect goodie to jump-start a cycle in the beginning, or towards the end, when you might be lagging a little more than you may have expected. I would not sug-gest anyone use this stuff for more than two weeks at a time without a four-week break. In a conversation with someone using M1T, he once called it "Anadrol Heavy Duty" and because of this stuff's effects, both positive and negative, that ain't too far off in terms of a comparison. M1T doesn't aromatize directly into an estrogen, so gyno and serious testicular atrophy should not be issues.

    Part 4 tommorrow.....Methyl D

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    Just started my 3rd week at 15 mgs/day and strength is up along with body weight (3.5 lbs). I'm thinking about increasing to 20 mgs to see if I get anymore strength gains.


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      Thanks for the info....Good read. If you bump it up to 20mg update the post with any additional comments.
      What did the 5 fingers say to the face?

      Slap b*tch!!


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        Originally posted by Trapzilla
        Thanks for the info....Good read. If you bump it up to 20mg update the post with any additional comments.
        You got it!! I'll also do a complete summary of the M1T experience when I'm finished.