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Prohormone Article from MD (Part 2 of 4) M4-AD

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  • Prohormone Article from MD (Part 2 of 4) M4-AD

    #3: M4-AD

    Shall I start at the bottom and work my way up? Coming in at number three on "Kneller's List of Gray Market Goodies" is 17a-methyl-4-androstenediol or methyl-4-AD aka M4-AD. This stuff is to 4-androstenediol as methyltestosterone is to testosterone. And honestly, I expected this stuff to be a complete waste of time and a bust because methyltestosterone is essentially useless to bodybuilders as an anabolic steroid and is rarely, if ever, used (outside of boxing and perhaps, wrestling). But M4-AD has some very real advantages over methyltestos-terone. For starters, it doesn't aromatize into a methylestrogen like methyltestosterone does. And clinically, it seems to be the least toxic of the methylated prohormones being sold today. A rather prominent 47-year old physician (that's right, he's a medical doctor) who's well known in the industry and will euphemistically be referred to here as "Dr. M," has been taking M4-AD at 50 milligrams per day (25 milligrams twice per day) for sev-eral weeks now and these are exact quotes from him:

    BK: How has M4-AD affected your libido?
    Dr. M: Not much at all either way and I'm taking two capsules per day for the most part (50 milligrams).

    BK: How much weight have you gained using M4-AD?
    Dr. M: I've gained about 12 pounds in four weeks with almost all of it being muscle. Keep in mind I am not using any other supplements, legal or otherwise, and I am 47 years old. I am quite impressed with M4-AD.

    BK: Has it helped with fat loss? If so, estimate how much (percentage-wise or pound-wise) you lost.
    Dr. M: I definitely believe it has helped with fat loss. I started taking it and really increased my training intensi-ty just before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Due to my lack of willpower around the holidays, I have been on a high-protein/high-carb/high-fat diet. I have done this before around the holidays, and know that after three weeks, it catches up to me and I redeposit fat around the waist. It has not happened, even though it should have, due to my diet habits. I attribute this largely to the M4-AD. Now that I've resumed a "normal" high-protein diet, I expect I will lose some fat, rather than merely prevent redeposition.

    BK: Are your lifts up?
    Dr. M: AII lifts are significantly up, especially heavier, compound sorts (squats, flat bench, deadlift, bent row). The beautiful thing is that I don't think I'm done with gains. I have not been pushing it to the max (because I hadn't been seriously training hard for several months), but each workout, I go up. I'd say all lifts are up 20 per-cent or more, and I haven't hit a plateau yet.

    BK: Any visible side effects such as hair loss, acne, oily skin?
    Dr. M: None at all and I am very prone to acne and oily skin, and was expecting this.

    BK: How has M4-AD affected your mood?
    Dr. M: It has not drastically affected my mood. (Maybe I need to take more!). I'm generally very upbeat and have stayed that way. Maybe it made me a little more energetic and hyper, but it's not very noticeable.
    Overall, the people I spoke to using M4-AD (aside from Dr. M) were pretty happy with the effect it had on them. The most common complaint was that at 25 milligrams per day, you really didn't see much in the way of gains, but this problem seemed to correct itself in most people at 50 milligrams per day. Again, since aromatization is not an issue, there aren't a lot of side effects that people complained about. The most common complaints were oily skin and increased acne, especially on the back and shoulders. The company selling M4-AD has asked me not to reveal its name. (You can find them easily enough if you really look, as I did). M4-AD is available in 25-milligram capsules with 60 capsules per bottle for about $60. Since a bottle lasts about a month for most people, this is a pretty reasonable price for a supplement that truly is effective and works rea-sonably well. I would not use this supplement for more than a month without taking a good month break away from it (or any other methylated goodies) in order to give your body (and specifically, your liver) a break.

    Part 3 tommorrow.....M1T

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    sound to good to be true...=)


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      Originally posted by Anadrol
      sound to good to be true...=)
      Only time will tell...... I'm a week into M1T at 15 mgs per day. We'll see what happens after 4 weeks. I'm pretty skeptical myself, but it's very cheap and worth a try.