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8 wks out, what do u guys think??

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  • 8 wks out, what do u guys think??

    ok guys, im 12 wks out rite now and everything is going quite well with my prep...rite now im charting my cycle out for the last 8 weeks before the show...tell me what u think...give me ur opinions guys

    8 wks out

    wk 8-1 Fina 150mg eod (mon, wed, fri)

    wk 8-1 Winny 100mg ed

    wk 6-1 Masteron 100mg eod (mon, wed, fri)

    wk 6-2 enanthate 250mg/wk

    wk 6-1 femara 1.25mg ed

    wk 8-1 clen 120-160 mcg ed

    wk 8-1 T3 50-75 mcg ed

    wk 8-3 slin 5iu's postworkout

    so, what do u guys think?? this is my first time trying out masteron so i hope its as good as its said to be..

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