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    'Muscle Builder, June-July 1963'

    Recenty there has been much talk in bodybuilding circles about so-called "miracle" tissue-buiding drugs. Because of the nature of these drugs and the lack of information, the Weider Research Clinic has decided to publish the results of their study of tissue-building materials.

    The Truth About Tissue Drugs
    by Jon Twichell
    Research Editor
    "I hear you can gain 40 or 50 pounds in a couple of months!"

    "And I hear all the champs really use it, and that's why they won their titles."

    My buddy tells me there's a guy he knows that weighs 260, all muscle!!"

    How true are these claims ? Well, bodybuilders, unfortunately they are all false. Tissue drugs will not give you fantastic physiques overnight, and they are extremely dangerous to use. The Weider Research Clinic has found that these drugs are definately not suitable for bodybuilding use.

    You Aren't Going to Become Mr. America Overnight
    The first claim that we shall give you the real results on is how much you can actually gain with these drugs.

    Several medical studies have been made and reported in leading medical journals. In 1959 The American Journal of Meidcine reported a team study done by Marquette University and a local Veterans Center. They reported a mean weight gain of 9 pounds over a space of six months. In 1961 a study reported in the American Journal of Gastroenterology (it was conducted by the New York Medical College) reported an average weight gain of 6.4 pounds in 2 months. Further, a study reported in the February 1962 issue of the Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey stated that the average weight gain of a controlled hospital group was less than 4 pounds in a month for the entire group!

    Tissue drugs are medially designed to be given to those who are underwieght, those whose bodies need and can put on more weight than a bodybuilder or even an average person. If these results show such a small weight gain, why should a bodybuilder even consider them, when his system is in much better order and he can gain up to 14 pounds in the next two weeks with Weider Crash-Weight ? Actuall true reports of 20 or 30 pound weight gains over the period of several months are just about nonexistant, while we have many fully docuemented reports of gains with Crash-Weight of 10-15-20 pounds in just 2 weeks !

    These Drugs are Dangerous Hormones
    About 1935 science became aware of a male hormone called androgen, which takes control of a boy's body at puberty and guides it on to adulthood. This hormone is responsible for the growth of the sex organs, body hair and other characteristics that signal approaching adulthood. They also are resonsible for the teenager's loss of smooth contours and gaining of solid muscle tissue.

    Researchers were aware that the hormone's anabolic (bodybuilding) effects could be of extreme value, provided they could be separated from the androgenic (body-changing) effect of the hormone. The first drugs tested produced some weight gain, but the sexual side-effects of the drug were much too pronounced. Continued experimentation led finally to the drugs in use today, Dianabol, Niverar, Durabolin, and all the rest. These drugs do not contain as much sex hormones, but they do contain enough to easily upset the sexual balances of the body.

    Furthermore, the effect of the drugs is this: they artificially alter the nitorgen balance, thereby making the body use more protein than normal in tissue growth. Drugs similar to these that have been used extensively in raising livestock have recently been banned because of their possible cancer causing characteristics. Whether there is any parallel we cannot say, but certainly these drugs bear further investigation.

    Tissue drugs are available by prescription only, because of their nature. Misuse of them can have serious consequences . . . as far as we are concerned, they were not developed for bodybuilders and should not be used by bodybuilers.

    The Champs Don't Use These Drugs
    As far as the Weider research Clinic has investigated, only one bodybuilder of any measure of fame has ever used these drugs, and this report is only hearsay. At the moment we are trying to verify it. Other than this possible instance, not one physique star has ever taken these pills or advised anyone to take them. Steve Reeves never needed pills to become the most famous bodybuilder of all time, Clarence Ross, Art Harris, Leo Robert or any other physique star needed them, so why should you ? Leroy Colbert feels very strongly on this point. He says, "The bodybuilder should follow as natural a diet as possible at all times. Drugs were invented to cure the ills created by man's poor living!"

    There is no necessity to follow artificial means to grow a strong, natural body. The two are not compatible. Take the advice of the champions: "Natural ways are the best!"

    Who Needs Another Inch on His Waist?
    There is yet another factor to consider in the use of these drugs. They cannot be used selectively. That is, they affect the entire muscular system equally, and not certain muscles that you may want to develop. you may add an inch to your arms, but you'll add an inch to your neck also, and while you may add an inch or two to your chest, you'll also add it to your waist and buttocks!

    Selective development is possible through correct exercise and sensible nutrition. By following the Weider System and eating properly you can build the physique of your dreams without possibly upsetting the vital hormone and digestive systems of your body.

    If You Want More Weight,
    Use Weider Crash-Weight
    In our own research, once again the natural way has proven the best. In clinic conducted experiments, one subject gained 5 pounds in 5 weeks with one of the tissue drugs. Yet this same person gained 9 pounds in 8 days with Weider Crash Weight-Ganing Formula #7! Another of our subjects, who has been very slim after suffering an auto accident, tried three of the various tissue drugs at different times, and gained not once ounce. The natural nutrients contained in our Crash-Weight formula are the best proteins and carbohydrates money can buy . . . our formula represents a true break-through in weight-gaining natrually and safely.

    Therefore, if you want to gain muscular weight quickly and safely, if you don not want to run the risk of upsetting your internal metabolism, if you want the natural, proven way, go Weider. Crash Weight-Gaining Formula #7 will give you the weight you desire without dangerous side-effects, and it will give you more weight in less time. Combined with the Weider System and your Weider barbell-dumbbell set, there is no finer way to that Mr. America physique.

    Once again, the Weider Research Clinic says this: Tissue-building drugs are dangerous . . . they cannot be obtained without a perscription, and no competant doctor will give you a perscription unless you are in need of a specific medicine. These pills, do not give you fabulous gains, but rather less than you can gain with natural nutrition. We advise all bodybuilders who want to gain weight safely and naturally to order Weider Crash Weight-Gaining Formula #7 . . . it'll be the best muscle buiding investment you ever made!
    "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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    The Weider Research Clinic......oh wow, what a stretch that is.

    Probably some guy with a rectal thermometer as his only diagnostic device makes up the Weider Research Clinic. lol.
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