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  • If you had to choose one...

    Being big but kinda soft


    Being a bit smaller but real tight

    for the rest of your life, which one?

    I gotta go with the big and soft myself. I like the bigger look. I'm begining to not give a shit about bf%'s.
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    Well ordinarily I would say big and kinda soft. I do like the big know so that when you wear regular clothes you still have the "look".
    But lately I have been thinking about the hard/cut up look....

    I am on the fence. Probably hard/cut look. 40 is fast approaching, lol.
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      Being a bit smaller but real tight

      i am there and i like it.
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        Big and soft, since I defy authority I'd harden it..
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          Big and soft....I'm that way as it is most of the time so I'm used to it.
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            big and hopefully not too soft. dont mind not beiong ripped but i want alil definiton.
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              Livin' for the pump


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                If it was the rest of our lives, I'd probably choose the smaller look for long-term health reasons.


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                  The same way I like my wife...Small and tight
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                    Small, tight, firm, hard, and nicely shaped my her muscles.
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                      Being a bit smaller but real tight... I guess