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  • just a reminder....

    ...if you do not use a training log book then you are probably short-changing yourself. With a logbook you know what you did the last workout, how much weight, how many reps, then you can accurately and consistently make progress by adding more weight and/or reps.
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    This helps a great deal guys, I recommend that you start doing this if you don't already do it.

    Very good reminder Kid.
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      My mother has log books at her house from when I was in high school. I had kept a log for YEARS. I agree that they are invaluable - especially when prepping for a show. You may THINK you will remember everything next time around but I assure you that you will not.


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        That's fine if you know how to read an write.....

        I've never use one myself. Maybe I'll have to give it a try.
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          same here.. never use one! but I think I'll start one... even thought it may take a while (lazy bastard)


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            All right, all right.....stop hounding me. I'll look for a notebook today.
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              I just started using one a few months ago and I cant believe I never used one before. It is so much easier to remember poundage/exercises etc and I update it in between sets. Needless to say, the weights over the past couple of months since keeping a log have continued to go up.

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