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Question on ECY stack????

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  • Question on ECY stack????

    I have been reading some contradicting information on if it's good to add Yohimbine HCL to a EC stack for weight loss. Some articles say it's a good stack and other claim that Ephedrine may cancel some of the Yohimbine beneficial effects. Both have been suggested good to stack with Caffeine.

    Does anyone know which is true? I personally have just started this stack(2.5mg of Yohimbine/25mg of Ephedrine/200mg of caffeine) and I can only take this twice a day. Any more then that and I feel like crap. I'm sure this will go away after my body adjusts to it.

    Should I continue to take the ECY stack or is EC or YC a better option?

    Any information is appreciated.

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    I've never seen anyone say that adding Y will negate E (and I'm not sure how that would occur).

    The Y when with E can make some people freak out a bit.

    Y will make you hold water in some cases.

    The 2.5 mg yoh (or 7.5 mg yoh / day) will likely not be enough to make a difference. The standard dose is .2mg / kg body mass / day. 20mg / day for a 220 lb BB'er. This is a dose you should work up to, though, to avoid a nasty reaction. (Rare, but possible.)

    What articles claim the Yoh. is not a good addition to E and C?...

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      I'd have to agree with Randy on this, I believe if you ask kidrok he was taking Y with the E and was doing fine.