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  • Smoking

    I'm referring to smoking cigarettes. I know some of you smoke right? Let's have the numbers and then we'll post some articles on why you shouldn't, besides the obvious....IT KILLS YOU!!!

    who smokes?
    "Well done is better than well said"


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    by the way, I don't smoke!!!
    "Well done is better than well said"



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      I don't smoke unless I'm on fire. Surprisingly that happens more often than I would like.
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        don't impede your training

        article from BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM

        Smoking and its Effects on Your Body

        Smoking cigarettes is both damaging to your body and to your bodybuilding goals. Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds. The most well known of these compounds is nicotine, which, despite some reported positive effects such as elevation of mood, is much more harmful than helpful. Nicotine increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, and has only a negative effect on growth. Aside from the above, nicotine and other well known agents in cigarette smoke are known to cause many other diseases and cancers. Lung cancer, gum cancer, and lip cancer are some examples.

        There are many well known health problems associated with cigarette smoke, but there are also general lifestyles accompanied with it. Smokers are known to be more irritable than nonsmokers, and normally see more problems with sleep patterns. Anxiety is also more predominant in smokers than in their nonsmoking counterparts.

        On a bodybuilding level, male smokers have been known to have higher estrogen and lower plasma-testosterone levels than nonsmokers do.

        Smokers will claim that there are benefits to smoking, but there are none. Smoking cigarettes is no different than scratching a mosquito bite. Whatever pleasure is gained from it would not be there if the bite wasn't there to begin with! Cigarettes don't give you any pleasure above and beyond what you had as a nonsmoker. Its effects on your body in terms of possible health effects are plentiful. Top it off, the hormonal and metabolic effects of tobacco cause lack of mental and physical energy, endurance and recovery, and you will experience these problems in both your everyday life and in the gym.



        Source: Health Canada
        "Well done is better than well said"



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          I only smoke when I drink sometimes. Probably about a half a pack a month on average. My cigs get ruined before they get smoked, lmao.
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            Absolutely not.


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              Nastiest habit in the world IMO.

              I am totally shocked and amazed at the amount of people-especially young people-that smoke.

              Something interesting is that some-if not all-cells of the body emit light. People who smoke emit a noticebly increased amount of light from their cells than non-smokers....
              I am balls deep into light therapy-medicine of the future.

              The measurement of light emitted from cells is perhaps the best and quickest indicator of a disease process occuring in the body.

              Interestingly...when smokers quit smoking the amount of light emitted by the cells returns to normal within a couple of days.
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              Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry for inventing the Polymerase Chain Reaction

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                smoking is a shit habit and should cease now! Unless you like not breathing.


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                  Just saw on the news tonight...Good ol California may be the first state to make smoking in your car with a child present, illegal!!!
                  How stupid can a parent be, anyway? When they smoke in the car with a child...they are basically saying, I don't care if my kid lives or dies..Bastards :angry:
                  Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN