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16 week prep for a fitness show

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  • 16 week prep for a fitness show

    Hi everyone.

    I am starting my 16 week prep on Saturday(with SKIP).
    My g/f and I are both going to a show in 16 weeks starting May 1st.
    I go to a BB show,she goes to a fitness show,we are not competing in America so it's not like Miss fitness.
    Although I have a degree in nutritions I still need Skip's help cause I don't have experience with prep for shows and getting the body ready for one:-)
    I will be helping my G/F to get her body ready for her show(she gets ready in the acrobatic and etc and I ned to get her body ready.
    I posted this in order to get some info(from you Women especially) from your experience.
    She is 5''3 113Lbs,BF is probably 17-18,she looks good.
    I was also wondering if you Women use same compounds for the prep as Men do(she never touched AAS or any other chemical substance,not even eca stack) I am talking about using Clen,T-3,Aldactone,Dyazide,I don't know how it affects Women,you know better.
    She workout 4 times/w ,does 2-3 times cardio,I will also be happy to see a sample diet if possible,of course the diet will change as the weeks passes by.
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    could we see a picture?

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      I will take a few pics of her in the next couple days.



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        Good luck to you and your girl friend. I don't know much about prepping myself let alone a woman. Sorry I can't be of help.
        Any views or opinions expressed in this forum or in personal correspondences are purely for entertainment purposes and are obviously the product of a deeply troubled mind.

        Have a nice day.

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          Can I get some input from Women who compete in here?