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Attention to those converting their own powders

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  • Attention to those converting their own powders

    The raw powders coming from China are Dirty!

    A syringe filter is not cleaning them 100% that is why guys are having lumps and pain. It is not your BA content that is causing this.

    My buddy has a PHD in chemistry and full lab access. He converts my powders for me. First thing he does is "clean" the powder before adding any BA. He uses a centrifuge to do this. He said my current batch of cyp and deca had alot of junk in it.

    I have converted these powders on my own and had big trouble with the enanthate. The cyp worked pretty good, but had an occasional painful injection or lump.

    Since my friend has been doing it I have not had a single issue, and I firmly believe it is the cleanest gear you can get, and would rival anything made by a US pharm.

    On a side note, I have made my own fina from pellets and never had a problem.

    This post is an FYI for anyone making their own injectibles. The syringe filter is not removing everything, and it is still not sterile even after the filtering step.

    China's powders are not as good as they should be. Maybe animal can develop a process for sterilizing the raw powder that does not require a centrifuge.

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    I guess it depends where in China you obtain your raw materials. I have been converting my own for quite some time and have never had any problems at all.

    I use a .22 vacuum filter to remove particulate and am confident of the sterility.

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      I haven't had any problems with powders yet. It may depend on who you are getting them from.
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        not sure what you mean by sterility, but a .22 filter is small enough to remove everything except viruses. if you mean that dissolved impurities are still there then ill buy that. can you give us a bit more info on your friends purification process? i dont understand what a centrifuge could do that a filter couldnt.
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          he has gone over it with me but I haven't taken it all in. I believe he uses "reagent" sp? they spins it to seperate the hormone from any extra crap that might be in there.