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    How many times a week are you guys working your abs?
    What kind of sets are you doing? I've heard the people argue high reps for a smaller midsection, as heavy weight will just make the abs grow in size as less weight at high volume is more indurance...making your midsection not as big but very firm.

    Your thoughts?
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    who knows, I can't see mine right now....LOL

    seriously, I've heard the same as you, so I would have to say alternating would be a good program.
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      I honestly never work my abs....never really have, only when I did gymnastics for 14+ years I feel that you get plenty of work from them in other exercises b/c they are stabilizers. However, I am going to work them 3x a week this off season basically 3 sets at end of workout to failure
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        2 or 3 times a week.... reps ranging from 10-15.
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          Usually just once a week but when closer to a show twice a week. Reps from 10-20 and yes I sometimes do weighted movements to thicken the ab muscles. Typically 2 or 3 exercises 3 sets each.
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