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    i've been running prop 250 mg/ml and it really hasn't been that bad, well ok it's a little rough...

    did my first quad inject last week with the prop and deca went super smooth, but then i did my other quad with th prop only and haven't been able to walk since... would guess a pretty serious allergic reaction except didn't have any problems with the straight prop in the glutes...

    anyway my thought is to mix the some deca (1/2 cc) with the prop every inject to eliminate the pain but am curious if the deca will still be as effective at these smaller eod doses ?

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    it shouldnt make a difference. all drugs works on the same principles, you put it in your body and it is distributed and eliminated according to its half life (and its apparent volume of distribution), until a steady state is reached (when the amount going in equals the amount going out). so running 3 ccs in one shot is essentially the same as running 1cc every couple of days, except for a small (unnoticable) variation when the drug is reaching its steady state. so, what im saying is that it doesnt matter.
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