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  • Monitoring HRV

    I am curious how many on the board are using a device such as WHOOP or OURA ring to monitor HRV?

    What do you like about it? What has it helped you changed - behaviors/habits? What would the ultimate HRV device be for you?

    I use WHOOP and OURA, but prefer WHOOP due to ability to scale my workouts specifically to my day's strain. Strain is their metric for this is probably your best bet to recover by not going above this strain of say 14.0 for the day. That part is helpful, but also ability to monitor my HR during my workout to maximize my set recovery and of course HIIT at the end of some of my workouts.

    Chime in

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    I threw my Fitbit in the trash. I was going to get an OURA ring, but decided against it at least for now. I will probably get one after my shows are finished and go into the off season.


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      Skip - is it because Oura is a ring or is it the monthly subscription to Whoop for your choice? I am asking for feedback when I recommend stuff out.

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    I can't say I monitor HRV specifically or use any of the tech to monitor strain/exertion, but I am definitely am advocate for autoregulation.

    One of my weaknesses as a strength competitor is trying to hit max weights too often. One thing I have found is that I may not know how a session is going to go in that regard until I am literally in the thick of it.

    My wife has a Fitbit. I don't find it useful for much. I've checked my HR with it a couple times. Seems to work for that but I don't use that data for anything


    • Jeff Black
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      I enjoy the WHOOP for my workouts because I can scale accordingly. I can set a better pace if I want to or adjust down if I need to.

      I agree with you about Fitbit. I found it to be by and large useless.