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Luke Sandoe Passes Away

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  • Luke Sandoe Passes Away

    For those who might not follow social media or who might not follow professional bodybuilding, one of the nicer and more humble guys in the pro ranks passed away yesterday.

    Details are still coming in, but it is suggested from several reliable sources that it was a suicide.

    The sport that needs more Lukes in it, just took a huge blow.


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    I loved Lukes Podcasts, and his ideas on Training, and moderate gear usage...The sport truly lost an Impeccable athlete, and influence


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      Fouad Abiad has setup a gofundme for Luke’s family the link is on Instagram.
      very sad to see somebody so young with so much potential no longer with us. My heart goes out to his friends and family. You never really know what someone is going through.


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        So sad. I loved his Instagram posts and videos. And you guys always spoke so highly of him.



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          Truly saddened by this heart goes out to his family.


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            When the new broke yesterday, I was speechless. In the past, I have heard about some BB’s passing away and although its always sad thing to hear, I would rarely give it much thought afterword’s. However, the news of Luke passing seemed to hit me a little more personally this time. Now, I've never personally met the young man nor, have I ever had any direct communication with him via social media or any other means but regardless of that fact, I felt a since of personal loss the moment I heard the news.
            Growing up with a different generation of "bodybuilding heroes,” I have often found myself somewhat disappointed with the current up and coming crop of new BB’s. However, with Luke things were different. Luke (along with his UK pals) passion for the sport seemed to spark a revitalization in not only my training but in the industry as a whole it seemed. Luke will be truly missed.
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              I was stunned and my wife cried. One of the only guys we follow and liked a lot. We listened/watched B&B w/ he and Fouad weekly).Weird how you can feel for someone you dont know personally. Just seemed like a nice/humble, funny, down to earth kid. (Yes, young enough to be my kid).. (How old I now am). The fund raiser is doing well.



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                Terribly sad, a waste of a young life.
                a reminder to all of us that if we are struggling with our mental health, how important it is to talk to people and get help.
                "Beneath all suffering.........lies the beauty of opportunity"


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                  Originally posted by MrAust92 View Post
                  Terribly sad, a waste of a young life.
                  a reminder to all of us that if we are struggling with our mental health, how important it is to talk to people and get help.
                  That would be a good topic for a future expert panel discussion - ways to improve mental health or steps to take to get help if you're struggling.

                  It's too easy for us to "man up" and keep our feelings hidden but the more we talk about our own struggles, the more acceptable it will become to discuss.