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Muscle Hardness???

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  • Muscle Hardness???

    What are the contrubuting factors in muscle "hardness" when prepping for a show? Is it drugs, fullness, dryness, or a combo of some of these?

    What makes one compeititor look HARDER than another???

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    bump for the competitors!!
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      Low bodyfat is the number 1 factor. If this is achieved then subcutaneous fluid levels are the next most important factor and can be achieved through water management techniques.

      The use of non-aromatising androgens (halo, para, masteron etc) have their place in achieving a cosmetic hardness but wont do shit if you havent got your bodyfat low enough or managed your fluids.

      At the end of the day, diet, cardio and hard training make all the difference. The rest is just icing on the cake.

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        Lately ive really tried to eat clean and added 2 to 3x wkly cardio--this plus the fact that i,m now on my 3rd to 4th week of fina I really have been noticing a switch to looking really hard and vascular.The fina `150 eod was the icing on the cake that really made it noticable.


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          being lean & dry are the #1 factors, which comes with time and experience. posing practice helps alot too for squeezing out more detail and striations....hence a harder look. and yes the proper drugs add the finishing polish to the look.
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