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  • hey skip

    have you ever had any guys that used amp before prejugging,if so how was it first show in 6 weeks dont want to screw it up ,,,,,,mr jacked

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    AMP is a must as far as I am concerned with my clients. There is simply nothing better as far as I am aware.

    5ml each cheek about an hour before the stage and you are good for the rest of the day. You need to keep taking in carbs throughout the day or you can go flat pretty quick from what I understand. My guys have ample carbs all day so it has never been an issue.

    You will be lightheaded somewhat but it isn't overwhelming. Where guys were running into problems and passing out was when they were doing another 10ml before the night show. This simply is NOT needed as the morning dose will carry you just fine. Taking another dose is simply not needed and puts you at risk of literally hitting the floor.

    You can't accept a trophy if your ass is laid out in a stall, on the floor with a syringe poking out of your ass.


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      speaking of AMP skip I loaded my last year in a 10cc dart and never used it. Do you think its sill ok to use?


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        It's not worth risking bro!

        I'm hoping that there's some BA in the solution to prevent bacteria growth. The BA will degrade the rubber in the plunger.

        So here's a scenario: the AMP is still good. There's no bacteria in the AMP. You're one hour out, in the stall, and poke. The syringe never leaked but the minute you put pressure on it, the rubber in the plunger gives out and you spray AMP all over the only roll of TP!

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          All it did for me was give me light headedness and shallow breathing for 1/2 hour. Other than that I didnt notice anything.