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  • I'm starting to have.......

    SHAPE!!!! :showoff:

    The diet is going well, I am staying off the scale and going by the mirror and the tape measure..... I have lost 1/4 - 1/2 an inch off my arms (that happened in the first 2 weeks.... probably water mostly), 2 inches off my waist, my vascularity is coming through, and I am starting to have shapely muscles!! People are actually telling me my arms look bigger....

    So far so good! I fell off the wagon this weekend tho with easter and all...... so back at it today....
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    great! be consistent AND persistent.
    "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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      Good luck bro.....I fell off the wagon big time this weekend to.
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      Have a nice day.

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        Yehaw Crank! Isn't it funny how everyone thinks you're adding muscle while you're dieting?
        I've got Easter leftovers for lunch-yummy!
        Eat it today, wear it tomorrow...


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          {while mouth is full of chocolate}

          Gowd for yew! Kep it up!
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            I have shape to -ROund

            Log Book PIMP! It ain't a crime if it likes it!


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              Good job bro, keep it up....kind of got off track myself this past week with traveling and Easter, but back at it again today. Good luck w/ it..

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                Keep at it...slow and steady.


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                  i am in the same boat as saturn chocolate bunnies beware.

                  glad you are doing well crank.
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