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  • quad inject (help)

    i've never done a quad inject...
    tried to yesterday but got cold feet and just went for the glutes... running prop eod so can't just be hitting the gultes but i don't know how to do a quad inject...

    anybody want to give me a rundown for best needle placement and any tips, i mean i know somewhere in the upper outside quadrant but that's a pretty big area... anyone have a pic or something... i gotta go for the quad tomorrow and need the confidence that i'm hitting it right...

    any help is greatly appreciated...

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    Quads are my favorite spot to hit.
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      Go to
      Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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        thanks... gonna check it out right now...
        you guys rule !


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          Yep good pics and everything at that site!

          Quad injects are great!
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            Yeah, thats where I learned....ah, the good old days..

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              Some advice for you when hitting the quads. When I'm hitting the quads, I go slow when sliding the pin through the skin. I do this in case I hit a nerve so I don't jump. When you're pushing in the prop, push in slow and massage the area after.

              This works for me.


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                Another way: Simply stand up, your hands hanging down by your sides. Where the tip of your middle finger touches your quads, the outer portion, is the general area of where you should inject. Some people can go a bit lower, and some a bit higher, but you'll find out quickly which areas don't "feel right" after you do it a few times.
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                  thank you all very much... i did it, thanks again.

                  I started a different thread to say how it went, but wanted to bump back over to this one to give proper thanks.


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                    I never do quads aqain, because the last time I had
                    a serious injury, had to stay in bed for 3 days on
                    heavy painkillers and after that I was limp for a week.

                    No quads for me! :showoff:
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