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Hey Skip and DC ....Happy Easter fellas .

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  • Hey Skip and DC ....Happy Easter fellas .

    Hey guys, I just wanted to wish you and your families a great day.I hope the two of you are doing well. If you want to know what has been it up with me you can go to Professionalmuscle and look up my post on " where I have been".[I think DC already saw it ] Things have been tough ,but I am hanging in. You have a great board here with lots of quality guys over here . One of the few places that I would ever even think about posting.

    Skip .....I got the doctor's OK to start back in the gym doing some light stuff .If all is well in two weeks I would like to get back to work and finish what we started. I hope your prep is going well and I still plan on attending your show in June.Could you e-mail me the particulars to [email protected] ,so I can make my fight and hotel arrangements. Also, if you need any help with anything please ask.....I hope the wife is is healthy and happy carrying that fourth child.[ damm you need to get your country ass clipped] and of course I hope your kids are doing great as well. I miss knowing you pal ,and I need to finish what we started for my own mental well being.....but I realize that you are most likely swamped . If you can't take me on , no worries , I will get this shit done either way......

    DC .....I know that your a busy man .......but keep in touch . we have been through way too much to let things slide between us ...I am always there for you reguardless....

    Once again.......Happy Easter fellas .......It is great to see you two working are the best in the business and just awesome people to know as well......I like to think that I might of helped bring the two of you guys together......but then again ,I am a legend in my own mind ....LOL! Take Care ...........

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    Very kind words as always, youabadman. I thank you much.

    I did hear that you were having some rough times but hadn't seen you around the boards until I saw you here about a week ago or so. Knowing that you were battling with alot of shit, I didn't want to flag you down as soon as you registered and figured that when things slowed down, you would hit me up.

    I consider you a friend and have always appreciated your support. I hope things are slowing down for you and that you might get a break soon - you deserve to have some tranquility in your life after all the shit you have dealt with this year.

    Yes, I AM slammed right now but I always have room for you, bro. No problem. You let me know when you are ready to roll and we will be on it, asap.

    I will hit you with those arrangements but you cannot bust your ass to get to Colorado for my show unless things are cool for you. I completely understand if you cannot make it and do not want you to come because of any "obligation" on your part, months ago. I know you well enough and you are a man of your word - no matter the price you have to pay for keeping your word. I want you to come to have a good time and hang out if it WORKS for you, bro - NOT because you need to keep your word. You cover your ass first and I will understand completely if you cannot make it.


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      Thanks for posting back Skip.......

      I look foreward to seeing you compete and cheering for you. It is something that I have looked foreward to since we first started working together. Things will have settled down enough for me ,so it should not be too much of a problem. So please send me all the info that I need ,so I can get on it and make the trip happen. That show is yours bro, even with eveything you have going on right now , I am thinking it will be a kick to see you get a win or least beat your best all time conditioning [ and that would be a win in it self because you get in some incredible shape] Hopefully , after the show I can treat you and your family to dinner and get to know you guys a bit. E- mail bro , before you forget.........I wanna go .......It should be a good time.

      My health is still phuked , as soon as I am ready to roll .We will finish what we started ......I need to bro ......more than you will ever know.......Thanks for everything ........your words always cheer me up......I foreward to working with you very soon !!!