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  • question about test

    i was talking to somone in my gym the other day and the topic of test came up this guy was saying that he hits test hard for like 4 weeks at like 1500mgs a week then the next 4 weeks drops it to 250 and throws in something like dbols or tren then 4 weeks after that hits it hard again does this make sense to anyone i know dc talked about dropin test to 250 and hitting some clomid and stuff if ur plaing on stayin on extended periods of time
    but would the 4 week heavy 4 week light still be good if u were only staying on for like 12weeks?
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    seems like your on forever that way. Especially with throwing in an oral. Even though the half life is like 10 days. When you inject 1500 mg's your test will increase in a bell curve upward from that day and peak at 10 days then decrease at the same rate it rose afterwards. Hard to explain but on paper I think it is a bad idea.

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      What is he getting out of 250mgs of test a week besides a limp dick? 1500mg a week would drive me nuts(I would have the biggest forearms ever) and to go right down to 250mgs plus Tren hell Jenna Jameson could not give me would even if she were beggin for a ride? Isn't 250mgs of test just like being off test?


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        BTW what kind of test is he using?


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          If I am not mistaken, DC does something similar to this but it might not be exactly the same. He refers to the phases as blasts and cruises, if I am not mistaken. You have to figure that at 1500mg of test a week for 4 weeks, assuming it is a long estered test, the test levels wouldn't drop all too significantly over the 4 weeks of doing only 250mgs. a week. I think it would look a bit like a roller coaster of slight swings upward and slight swings downward as far as test levels throughout the cycle, not letting your body adjust to a certain level of test.

          I am hypothesizing here as I don't do this, personally. Not because it wouldn't or couldn't work but I just prefer to keep things simple and run straight through. *shrug*

          I am a simple guy. hehe


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            yea i was just wondering when i run test i run it strait through with a slight taper at the end.....
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