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  • prop and deca

    looking for any opinions on best way to run this...

    came into a good bit of prop and some deca, current plan is prop 100mg eod for 12 weeks and deca 300mg wkly for ten weeks followed by post cycle anti-e and hcg.

    main questions are... should i run the prop eod or just mwf ? is this enough test ?

    been hitting the weights for about 15 years (yes i'm in my thirties), my only other gear experience was sus at 250 a week last year...

    anyway... i respect the opinions of the board and just wanted to hear opinions

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    Sounds pretty good.

    I say run the test with 150mg EOD (yes go EOD not mwf).

    And you may want to up the deca to 400mg/wk.
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      i agree with crank prop is awsome but those sticks can hurt if you are bulking i would use enth or cyp. just easier
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        thanks for the advise, i will up the dosages..

        yeah, i'm already starting to feel like a pin cushion... i actually was gonna go with enth but the price for the prop was just too good to pass up...


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          Hell, I've had good results with shots of prop every three days......and personally, not to sound like a "more is better" type person....I'd actually go with 200mg or Prop per shot and 600mg of Deca per week. Just because I got much better and more noticealbe results with the higher mg doseage........but everyone is different and part of this game is experimenting with what works well for you.
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            yah I agree w/ syphon I was recently doing 200mg prop/50mg stanazolol eod and loving it, def got good results there