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Injected the other pec last night....

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  • Injected the other pec last night....

    I had to keep things even, so I injected the other pec last night, but decided to put the prop there instead of the tren......... I'm such a glutton for punishment...... It's pretty damn sore today!
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    So what's the verdict know that you've done both sides? Are you gonna stick with these inject sites? Or were you just experimenting.


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      Damn that's got to hurt. Glutes, quads and delts are my injections spots...never considered pecs....:2guns:
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        There are pro's and cons to shooting pecs....Easy to see hit, see veins, etc., but ever since I hit my right pec it has been a little swollen and I can't see the definition on my inner pec (just on the right side)

        I hit it about 2 weeks ago. Has anyone else experienced this before? 2 weeks seems like a long time for it to still be swollen...Could it be some sort of nerve problem?
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          It's really not that bad..... I like the fullness...

          The only thing is that the soreness is really stickin around.... So I may do them again... but I'll wait a week or so...
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            your a damn pec injector.

            why does that sound dirty.

            i may try it but i am scared i hate pain. i wont need you to hold my hand crank, but thanks anyway
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