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    I had not planned to cut this year, as I have just had so much personal stuff going on that it has been hard to focus and I am not looking like I should for April.

    Anyhoo, things are looking up on the homefront and it would feel weird not to be punishing myself with a diet for the June/July season ! Playing catch up, and am going to give the "Big A " two a day cutting cycle a shot (from the PM articles forum).

    Currently at 235lbs and about 9% bf, will need to get down to about 215lbs before playing with the water, over the next 10weeks.Have been on for about the last 3 years with no real breaks to be honest (don't have any nuts to speak of anymore),mostly been Test at moderate amounts.

    Jeez bro's sorry about all the details, must be the ephedra kicking in this morning!My question is about running Winnie 50mg for 10 weeks.I know this sounds like such a newbie question but I have never really run it more than 6 weeks.Being 41 and having done so many cycles over the years I am kind of protective when it comes to my liver!Will be running Winnie 50 mg,Tren 75 mg, and Test Suspension 100 mg every day right through with 50 mg Masteron added for the last 3 weeks/posssibly the last 6 weeks.Does this look okay?

    Many thanks, I would appreciate any advice as I really need to get myself motivated.

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    The only problem i get when attempting to run winnie over 6 weeks is my joints get extremely dry and almost unbearable to workout, so precautions are neccesary.
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      I think if you are looking to cut "quicker" then tighten up the diet more and be consistent with the cardio. Drugs don't necessarily do the cutting, they're better to harden up what shows thru once the bf is gone.
      I'd be concerned with running any oral for 10 weeks. It's a heavy load on the liver. I'd almost prefer doing half the time but increase the dose to 75 or 100mg. Yes that will stress the liver alot while on but it's over a shorter period of time allowing it a break much sooner.
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        You are going to get alot of different, personal opinions on this post, bro, and you will have to sift through and figure out what would be best for you. With this question, there is no "right" answer - just preference, really.

        As kid says, he doesn't like to run orals for 10 weeks. On the other hand, I do but no longer than 10 weeks. Yes, 10 weeks is quite long but I don't feel it is TOO long. If you run for 10 weeks, start at something like 50mg per day (25mg, twice a day) and then bump, if needed, at the 6 or 7 week mark.

        I WILL say that the gear you listed are all pretty harsh - suspension is rough, winny being a 17aa is rough, masteron is rough and tren is questionably rough.

        Be careful, bro. You have only one liver and the line to get another one isn't short.


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          I have stoped taking all orals in the off seson because the last 6 weeks before a show is just so hard on you I figure if I havent taken them for 46 weeks I can load up on them for 6 without worrying about my liver. but I am also taking a boat load of things to help the liver out.


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            Plus I dont see the point in putting you liver though the stress just to gain some water weight and look good at the clubs.

            Not saying anybody here is doing this but alot of guys out there are.