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  • true protien mix......

    Ok my friend has bought some protein from TP and we used about a pound of it experimenting and i see some people have mentioned a few recipies. We bought a bunch of flavors of pudding and man did it come out GREAT!! We bought the fat free suger free kinds but they still have some carbs in them 6-8 per serving 4servings per container. So you lookin at anywhere between 24-32grams of carbs( no suger) per box. The pudding requires milk of course so i found some low carb milk i believe its called Carb countown its 3grams of carbs pre cup . So heres the recipe.

    1/2-3/4 box of pudding your choice of flavor.
    instead of the normal 2cups of milk use less becuaes mine came out runny with 2cups i used 1-1 1/2 cups of milk.
    100grams of protein

    Its un real guys even when your dieting you can get away with this just dont use all the jello powder its not needed its strong enough in taste to just use half maybe less. And the low carb milk is a must cuz normal milk was about 10-14grams of carbs pre cup.

    Get back to me if anyone has any thing to add to this or any new discovers I CANT WAIT TO ORDER SOME!!

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    Looks to be a good recipe. Thanks for sharing!
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      sounds good. Still too much cals for this time in my diet. But I will be bulking with some protien freezer pops

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        im still trying to find a way to make it with less calories... the carb contenet is just rouglhly 20carbs for about 100grams of protien.... i m gonna try putting even more protein in there see how it works