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  • Focus...

    In this heightened state, you are all alone. An island unto itself. You don’t hear or see the others, the weak ones, drifting around you. You are made of sterner stuff. These people begrudge you for being all that they will never be. If you looked, you would see it in their eyes. Their resentment is fuel for the machine you want to become. So focus on the iron. Build. Shit, don’t lose fucking focus now…
    "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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    So true..So true...
    Another suggestion would be to walk away from the 90% who don't and join the 10% who do :showoff:
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      Kid's Wench :flex: and Bon-Bon's sis
      Ask me about
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        Uuuummmm....Okey dokey.
        Any views or opinions expressed in this forum or in personal correspondences are purely for entertainment purposes and are obviously the product of a deeply troubled mind.

        Have a nice day.

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          Keep it up KR! You're gonna smoke em.


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            I didn't know you were a poet KR? LOL!

            Nice words and so true! I know you've been focused as hell......

            ....stay on the same path and nobody will get in your way!

            - C
            TRAIN...because it's in your blood, EAT...because you need to feed the machine...and REST to grow for the next day of INTENSITY!


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              Originally posted by KidRok
              Their resentment is fuel for the machine you want to become.

              The Book Has Arrived!
              The Book Has Arrived!

              Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a pristine, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, used up, worn out, and shouting, "Holy #$&^%$^... What a ride!!!"


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