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    This is my first post here at IM and I have a question regarding the usage of Omnadren. I am using 1gram/week on a once per week injection schedule, however, based on some of my findings I think that is perhaps not the most optimal way.

    From the chart found here I gather that it would be better to dose every day to stabilize the exogenous testosterone levels. Correct?

    Also, what I am thinking of doing is cracking 10 amps of Omnadren at a time and reinjecting them into a empty 10cc cypionate vial and dosing at .6 cc per day (150mg/day 1050mg/week) Thoughts?

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    Why not shoot them ED for 2 weeks then shoot them a gram a week? By the time the 2 weeks are ending your longer esters are coming around so your levels will stay elevated.

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      I'm not sure what that would do, but I have already done my third week and am coming up on my fourth so I'm assuming that the longer esters should be kicking in already.
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        I'd worry more about the bigger picture. Yes, all at once for a 1g/ wk dose is not what omna's half-life profile calls for, but there's not need to do 0.6 ml / day either.

        It looks like the chart that you are referring to is based upon sustanon injections, not omna. This might help clear up the differences:

        I'd just do an amp M & W and then two on Friday (or something similar).

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          Homonunculus' suggestion is good. I would inject every 3 days.
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