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Hit the glutes yesterday

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  • Hit the glutes yesterday

    Thanks to a post by Randy I was able to hit the glutes yesterday with 2ml of test & eq. It's the first time I've been able to do this is almost 4-5 years!! It was like injecting into virgin skin again.

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    Please reffer me to the post you're speaking of. I haven't been able to hit those for a while now.
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      just for the record....I wasn't there....I had NUTHIN to do with hittin his glutes!
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        I've yet to have a problem hitting that area...I guess my ass must stick out just far enough to make it easy
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          just pm'd randy to see if he knows where it is.


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            Hey MM,

            I think this is it:

            Here's what I said: "Try your glute shots sitting down (like on the toilet, but just on the lid, not the rim.) You just lean to the side and shoot. Pretty easy and less uncomfortable to twist around. (I'm always scared i'm gonna fall over one of these days... LOL)"

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            The Book Has Arrived!

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              I get a damn cramp in my side abs when I do glutes. Delts are easiest for me!

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                I can hit glutes again, now that i've lost some water weight from my mid section
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                  That's it Randy!!! Thanks again. Time to hit the other side tommorrow. It's so nice not having to wear a sweatshirt because you just pushed 2-3 ml in your delt.