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Post your favorite execise, 1 per musclegroup

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  • Post your favorite execise, 1 per musclegroup

    Shoulders - Military press
    Bi - Barbell curl
    Tri - Bench with close grip
    Back- Pull down (behind neck)
    Chest - Incline dumbbell press
    Quad - Squats or Legpress
    Ham - Stiff leg deads
    Calf - Hack squat calf raises
    Abs - don't have any..

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    shoulders: cable upright row with rope attachment
    Bi: barbell curls
    tri: skull crushers
    back: TBAR ROW
    chest: wide grip incline bench
    Legs: Squat
    Calf: one legged calf raises
    abs: hanging leg raise


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      shoulder: lateral raise
      Bi: incline dumbel curl
      Tri: face breaker
      Back: Rev. grip barbell row
      Chest: flat dumbell press
      quad: squar
      Hams: dumbell leg curl
      Calves: donkey raise
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        Chest - Incline DB's
        Shoulders - DB Press
        Traps - DB Shrugs

        Back - Wide Grip Pulldowns
        Biceps - Standing DB Curls
        Triceps - Overhead DB Press

        Quads - Squats
        Hams - Lying Leg Curls
        Calves - Donkey Press

        Abs - Hanging Leg Raises


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          Shoulders - shoulder-grip upright rows
          Bi's - BB curls
          Tri's - Close-grip bench

          Back - Deadlifts
          Chest - DB incline presses
          Quads - squats

          Hams - lying leg curls
          Calves - Calf-raises on leg press
          Abs - Cable crunches
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