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whats your fav mass powder?

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  • whats your fav mass powder?

    what is your favorite mass building powder for lean muscle gains..?
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    I like either Metrx or Muscle Milk with extra whey protein.....I am going to give Synthetek and TPC a try after my jug of protien drys up.
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      BBB...if you're talking about a mass builder with protein, carbs, sugars, and other stuff...I have not used one since I was in high school. I'd suggest using a high quality protein powder and then adding in supplements that work for you. I use Isopure protein with dextrose and glutamine in the a.m. after my workout and then Isopure with maltodextrin throughout the rest of the day. If your diet is solid and clean...add flaxseed oil. This may help with mass gains. But, for lean gains...I'd stick with just protein at about 1.5 to 2 g per pound of body weight and add carb powder sparingly. Preferably after your workout when it is needed most for your insulin spike. Either way...a clean, strict diet is the only way to lean gains. Just my thoughts bro. Good luck.
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