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    What kind of max lifts do you claim at the present time? What are your goals in the near future?

    My best bench was in 1996-455 with a long pause. Seemed like an eternity!!!!

    Hit 405 3 weeks ago, shooting for 455 in July 04.

    Squat-I have never maxed on squats, but I hit 315 for 12 deep ones. Probably won't go any heavier than that for a while.
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    Ok, no laughing I'm a limp dick:

    Squat last night 530x4 ass in the grass of course

    Hammer Strength Inclines 585x15RP

    Smythe Military 315x14RP

    DC will push you to the limit, god I hate, I'm mean, love that guy...
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      Bench - 405 for 3
      Squat - 405 for 1
      Deadlift - 455 for 5 (last rep was a bitch)

      Shooting for 455 on bench press in 12 weeks!
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