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well iguess its time.....

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  • well iguess its time.....

    Time to shred the fat,

    ive got most of my cycle figured out.,...... Just wanted see how some of yall ran your t3? I was thinking 80mcg clen for two weeks on two off and t3's at 50mcg 4 days on 3 days off. This is just an idea right now. Oh btw ill be running ill be running 200mg prop ed and starting the 3rd week hgh at 6iu 5 days on 2 off for the next 6 months. Whats the opinion?

    Whoops yall dont even know my stats,

    6'3 245lbs 12%bf trying to get to 8% at 250

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    Where to start.....

    OK..... You could probably make it up a little higher with the clen.... Say 100 - 120 mcg.....

    With T3 you will want to run it consistantly for 6 weeks or so..... You don't want to use it 4 days on, 3 days off.... Your thyroid will be like a yo yo.......

    Also with the T3 you will go up to a higher dosage..... Say 100mcg. But start by ramping up to access your tolerance..... Start with 25mcg, and slowly increase it over the course of a week or so.... Then run at your peak dosage for a while then start ramping down. The ramp down needs to be pretty slow to avoid rebound.... so for arguements sake we will say you will use 2 weeks to ramp down.

    GH.... IMO the dosage is a little high.... At that dosage your going to be experiencing some of the worst sides..... I would think 4IU would be better.... But if you have experience running GH already.... go with what you need for your body....

    Hope this helps.
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