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  • At what point do you feel....

    Your test has kicked in fully.....with.....





    As in what day, hour, week do you think or feel it has kicked in (on average)?
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    Define "kicked in"

    Over the years, listening to people in the gym talk about any "supplement," I'd hear "boy, I can really feel this one." I have yet to take ANYTHING where I feel it kick in. Of course there's the exception for ECA, Ephedra, Yohimbine, Clen - those type of thing.

    I've heard prople talk about how they've felt vitamins kick in. Again, NADA for me other than high dose of Niacin.

    Same thing on gear - NADA. There's a point where my strength increases and I'll get fuller. The strength thing has drastically reduced over time and even the fuller part (seem to know how to retain gains - so I don't lose when off, then gain a lot back when going on).

    I only use short (or no) esters any more - to get the biggest bang for buck (higher dosage of actual per ml)

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      I think I only feel it kick in because I know it should be. It's all psychological for me. I know enan should kick in after about 4 weeks and amazing I feel it after about 4 weeks. If I didn't know any better I would probably feel it from day 1.
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        When i,m cruising I just feel a good srong sense of well being and strenght--but when i,m up to 1 g--whether its cyp or enan,I can feel it in 2 ways--one,in meetings I have I can definitly notice how my voice gets much darker, or deeper and second--i can feel my libido go sky high--I want to do every body thats walking around with a pair of breasts no matter how they look like--fat,skinny,black,white old or gets intense--but i love it!!!


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          I usually feel like things are kicking in around week 4. by week 6 Im taking off and by week 10 Im really pumping.
          Ive always been that way, I almost hate to take very much the first couple weeks as it seems to be wasted. I know others will tell you to front load like a mother, but that doesnt really work for me.
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            xcel, for me, the stronger, meaner and euphoria seem to come around about the same time, and this is what I was reffering to.

            The bigger obviously (if in terms of increased mass) wont come until much later.

            Thank you, In looking, the question did need to be clarified.
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