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The end of my 7th week..

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  • The end of my 7th week..

    Last edited by Heckman; 02-24-2005, 04:00 PM.
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN

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    Sounds good bro! Keep workin!

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      Nice job bro...keep it up and let us know how its going.

      On a side note...WRT cameras and pictures, you can take pictures with your regular camera and have them put on a disk when you get the pics developed (if you were thinking of uploading them--if not, disregard). My wife did this while I was deployed and emailed pics that way as we didnt have a digital.
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        Good start heckman!!! Now stay focused on that diet!!! lol!! :chair:


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          how long will this cycle be Heck?


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            sounds good.. keep it up


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              hey rock on man, keep going and stay motivated. towards the end of a long cycle the motivation starts to wane, but it seems like your dedication is stronger than little mindfucks.

              when you go on vacation, dont' forget the PCT bro. i had a friend who finished a cycle then went on a trip to mexico and completely forgot his PCT, he would have been screwed if it wasnt' for the fact that his trip was to mexico......

              Take care, stay healthy, live hard,


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                Good deal, congrats with your success so far, keep up the lifting HARD, eat right.
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                  Re: The end of my 7th week..

                  Originally posted by Heckman
                  on my 500mg test e and 300 mg deca ew cycle. Also kicked it off with 100mg of prop eod for 3 weeks..Started at 190 lbs and am now at 205. Eating very clean...For the most part. Extremely satified with my results so far...
                  Only sides have been a little acne on the back. But under control now.
                  One other side, I can't leave my wife alone and she loves it!

                  I'll do another update at the end of this cycle. Maybe by then I'll have a digital camera
                  nice progress heck, keep us up to date
                  "Well done is better than well said"