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Do u use any liver protection?

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  • Do u use any liver protection?

    well, do ya??? I don't... yet

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    Just Milk Thistle - a couple 100mg caps ED


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      If you're using any orals like winnie or ( really super important ) Halo or basically any 17 aa type tabs or caps I would STRONGLY suggest that you run with a liver detox or a protectant. The best that I've seen is called Liver X by MRM I've run a 16 week cycle using Tren/ EQ 300mg weekly along with winnie(tabs) 50mg ED for 8 weeks and halo 15mgs ED for the last 4 and went to the doctor at the end of the cycle , had a blood test and I was good to go. I guess what I'm saying better safe than sorry. It's a cool thing unless of course, you want a liver like a paving stone ha ha ha! Peace
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        I use liv-52 and milk thistle


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          I take 3 LV52 tabs ED , 600mg NAC ED and 100mg ala ED


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            Milk thistle and licorice.

            Make sure you go to a quality herb shop or an acupucturist to buy your herbs. GNC herbs are garbage, same with discount stores and drug stores.

            In some people licorice will cause a slight elevation in BP but it has never done so for me.

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              I use milk fact, just ran out the other day. Thanks 'drol...nice reminder.

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                yes, milk thistle also.
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