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    Rodney St Cloud arrested on drug charges...

    Scroll down for the CBS2Videos and there are a couple of vids on it as well...

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    Being a firefighter myself. This is sad. It doesn't do any good for the rep we have. I guess when you are playing with big numbers such as that. You are bound to get busted. 350,000 worth of AAS that is crazy.

    I hope it all works out for the guy. Hate to see anyone get busted.
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      Never believe the numbers you read about. It's all media hype to make it a good read. I hate situations like this with a passion!! However, this also highlights the dangers of importation from hot countries...very unwise thing to do.


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        He was just moving up in the ranks too. Damn. Who's next? This is getting ridiculous.


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          Ridiculous but very real. I'm am sick of this witch hunt, we are being turned into political scapegoats.


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            How do they get $350,000 out of 20,000 dbol and "60 Units" of gh? The dbol he probably spent no more than $5k on, and even if they meant 60 kits of gh, I couldn't see him paying more than $30k for that. What BS!


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              350k??? Hell no....20k d-bol is maybe 2-3k tops....60 kits of GH probably 15-25k tops....
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                They have to inflate the value to justify going after these guys. Average joe reads the paper as sees the inflated value he'll think that the cops are really doing something. If he knows what the stuff is really worth then he'll be pissed because the cops spend a lot of time on b.s. when they could've been trying to stop serious crimes.
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                  I hope all goes well with him.
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                    Does anyone see any pattern developing here??!!

                    Victor Martinez in Jan 2004

                    Dennis James in Feb 2004

                    Rodney St Cloud in Mar 2004



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                      Developing pattern? Nothing new here Mark, if you keep your ears to the ground, you see it happening all the time.


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                        Originally posted by IM^
                        Developing pattern? Nothing new here Mark, if you keep your ears to the ground, you see it happening all the time.
                        I must have bad hearing, I don't hear anything when I put my ear to the ground!!! lol!!

                        You're right IM^, I'm sure there's much more happening than I hear.