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Helping a young kid gain weight

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  • Helping a young kid gain weight

    I work with a woman who's son goes to a local college and has started to workout. He's trying to put on size and has begun to buy weight gainer to help increase his daily calories. He is going totally natural, I'm assuming his mom would think so to as well.

    He's been buying Pro Performance Weight Gainer 1850 from GNC. Here's the major stuff in a serving

    1850 - Calories
    16.9 - Fat
    354 - Carbs
    74 - Protein

    What concerns me about this stuff is that of the 354 grams of carbs, 136 is from sugars and it also only has 74 grams of protein. To me the protein seems too low and the carbs (from sugar) seem to high.

    I told her the best thing for him to do is eat as much food (clean) as possible.

    What do you guys think about this stuff, is it junk, do you like it, what other brands do you like???

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    stuff worked like a charm for me when i started lifting. all i did was lift weights and add weight gainer to my normal crappy diet, and i gained 30 pounds in 6 months. i would never use it now but its a good way to start out.
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      I've never tried weight-gainer, never needed it. Seems like it would be okay since he's just starting out and he's young.
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        Is he a skinny kid or kinda chubby or?

        A few years ago, I used some of the weight gain stuff and I think it aided in me getting fat--not saying it was a sole reason as I had no clue about diet either (still dont), only knowing that I wanted to put on weight, which I did.

        I would agree with you on the protein being pretty low and carbs/sugar being high as well, but if hes having a tough time with putting on weight, might not be a bad idea (real skinny)?

        I dont think I would use it again though...shit is real sweet (nauseatingly sweet) and doesnt last too long--kind of expensive for what you get.

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          Man can I relate to that kid...... Being that I used to be a hard gaining bone rack....... IMO you should get him to sign up here, I'd love to help him out.....

          Anyway, on to the protein......

          I personally don't like that specific product..... Too much sugar as you mentioned..... Also it would depend when he was taking it....

          For a mass gainer I would suggest ProLab N-Large..... It has worked great for myself and some of my friends.... It is a bit expensive since you use so much for each shake.... but it is one hell of a meal......

          Like you also mentioned, food should be this kid's number one anabolic..... He needs to eat like it's going out of style.... If he's not in class he should be eating something.... Real food is better then a shake any day of the week, provided it's the right mix of food......

          If he doesn't want to join, shoot him my e-mail addy.... I would be more then glad to get him rolling!

          ADD: Sorry.... I assumed he is a skinny kid trying to gain size..... You didn't technically say that tho.... so correct me if my assumption was wrong....
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            My opinion:

            First he needs to learn how to NOT over train. Every kid I now that loves lifting, overtrains. I sure did!

            Next, He needs to eat his calories. Dont get into the habit of drinking shakes and skipping meals. its a protien SUPPLEMENT, not replacemenet.
            At his age chicked burgers steaks pizza, you name it, its all fair game. He can develope some very good habits right now if lead by an experienced and knowledgeable figure of influence.
            I get themost satisfaction from helping the young guys start off right. BUT!!!! the young guys can be some hard headed SOBs. They have got to want it, and trust their mentor. I usually just knock the shit out if em when the dont follow instructuions! Im halfway kidding. I help 3 kids right now 19, 23 and 24. I get their attention by letting them thiink I dont give a shit when they F-up and dont do what theyre supposed to be doing, then let them see how it effects their training. I usually make a comment like, " Hey bro , dont worry about it, youre still stronger/bigger than most fags. You just keep having a good time and dont worry about it." Then later I'll throw in a comment like, " my wife is more of a man than you are" They usually get the point about that time. I believe you gotta make them - make it their idea. Reverse psycology works......that or it runs them off, if so, SEEEE YA!

            I do enjoy helping the kids though.. I just wish I had someone like me when I was starting out. Its my way of giving back I guess.

            My wife is being hired by several parents of children that are icompeteing in things like gymnastics and Extreme cheerleading. They want her to help their kids taking it to the next level. These by the ay are all little rich kids with total stage moms for mothers. But My wife is a Phsy Ed teacher and the kids love her to death as well as the parents.. ( Dads seem to be fond of her too...grrrrr)
            So basically she is personal training child athletes.... She has mention wanting to open a personal training studio for just this kind of stuff... Rich parents spend some serious cash on their brats!

            I digress.......
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